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Neuro Re-patterning changework programs for the individual

Whatever the issue might be that you are experiencing, there is hope for easy change. Even after the first NLP session you will experience shifts in your behavior and thinking. The number of sessions needed to completely resolve a limiting pattern depends on how deep and how long the beliefs and patterns have been running in the brain and your life. Some issues can be turned around in just a few sessions, however, due to the uniqueness of every one’s desires and challenges it is difficult to generalize. Most issues can be shifted completely in as little as 6 sessions. After the initial session I am able to determine the approximate amount of sessions needed and be able to give you a recommendation and tailor a program series at a valued discounted rate.(please visit the how it works page to get a better idea of how change work can happen in phases) NLP work goes very deep, very quickly. Each session is scheduled a month apart so that the neurology has time to integrate in between each session.

Individual NLP Session – 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs long.

$240 pr. session.

Discounted series of 6 sessions

$220 pr. session .

Relationship Programs for Couples

Most often our work together will begin with an initial couples’ session and then after discovering together what the main issues are, we can then discuss what series program or how many individual sessions will be needed to gain the most optimal results.

Initial couples’ session – 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs long.

$240 pr. session.

Couples Series #1 -$1,340 – Two month program

What’s not working in your relationship?
This program is great for couples who are basically doing fine but would like to enhance their relationship in some way, whether it be by creating more closeness or communication, or just to get a better understanding of themselves in the relationship and how they are relating to each other. They will come away from the program with a sense of rejuvenation with their partner.

  • two individual hour and a half NLP sessions for each person. ( 4 total)
  • one relationship constellation session done in the style of Bert Helinger family soul work.*

*this work uncovers the clients’ family systems to free them of unconscious blocks in their relationship
*additional sessions if needed; discounted $ 220

Couples Series #2- $2,200 – Five month program

Get to the root of the painful issues of your relationship. Relationship Rescue Program.
This program is designed for couples that are at risk and whose relationships are falling apart. This program consists of individual sessions as well as couples sessions. Each person will discover their own pain and be able to change the experiences that they are having in the relationship by changing the negative patterns and triggers. It is designed to quickly get each person in a better space within themselves so that they are able to heal their relationship with their partner.
Couples will come away with a sense of relief and be able to rebuild and heal the painful rifts that stand between them. A Family Soul Constellation done in the style of Bert Helinger will also be done for you to discover and rework family contracts that might be getting in the way of your relationship.


  • Three individual hour and a half sessions for each person. ( 6 total)
  • Two couples’ re-patterning sessions.( not including the initial couples’ assessment)
  • One Family Soul Constellation done in the style of Bert Hellinger

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Cinthia Dennis

Master NLP Practitioner
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