I was thinking about a  Dar Williams song  today that she wrote about her therapist.  The

line goes something like this, speaking of when she was in a therapy session; “ When . . . → Read More

Fear Responses, Fight, Flight, Freeze, How NLP Can Help

I had an interesting experience the other day that gave me such clarity about what happens to the body in times of stress.

I . . . → Read More

Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work ( a NLP Perspective) Cinthia Dennis Master NLP Practitioner Happy New Year everyone! Here we are again at the time of the year where we tend to reflect on the past year and assess what it is that we would like for ourselves in the upcoming year. ‘Tis the season to set goals and vow to quit certain habits. Many of you might notice that your gusto and motivation lasts for a little while and then eventually peters out. Many of you have started to make your New Year’s Resolution to be not to make any resolutions because of past failure. Well the good news about all of this, is that the reason you are not making good on your promises to yourself, isn’t really your fault or because of a lack of will power or motivation. So stop beating yourself up about it! For many things that we want and do not have yet, there is a very good reason why we do not have it. And likewise for behavior and patterns that we have that we say that we do not want; there is usually a purpose that the behavior serves. So to just “say” that we are going to change without examining the reasons how our deeper self is valuing the behavior or the fear it might have about having the new goal, will most likely not be successful. So, a good thing to do at home to address this is ask your self this question: “What would I lose that I value when I have what I want?” See what comes up. Once you know what your brain values, you will be able to re-design your goals to include everything your brain values. Another reason why many goals and resolutions fail is because of how we are picturing the goal or desire in our brain. Most of us, when creating a goal will start the process from where we already are. And we will create it as a way to move away from where we are. So in a sense we are focused on where we don’t want to be, rather then where we do want to be. Our subconscious mind tends to create what we focus on, so be careful of your thoughts! For instance, if you want to quit smoking . What you need to create in your mind is a very compelling picture and feeling of all the things that not smoking will give you. By making this picture and the feeling of having it MORE compelling then what smoking does for you, it will be a lot easier to reach your goal. The same goes for diet, exercise, relationships and pretty much anything. I am wishing for you all of your desires to come true in 2011. Happy Creating! For more information about what NLP can do for your life, please feel free to visit my website and contact me. . . . → Read More

Focus on What You Want, Not How to Get It

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Article in the San Francisco Examiner

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5 Ways to Change A Negative Experience

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