Is This You?

I work with individuals or couples who are not getting what they truly would like in life or relationship. These people have usually tried many different methods of self-improvement, but still keep finding themselves stuck in limiting behaviors and having less then optimal experiences.

Some of my clients are working on big changes that they want to have in their life and the relationship that they have with themselves; whether it be gaining more self -confidence and success or weight loss and exercise , money and career issues or anxiety and phobias that keep them paralyzed.

They may be couples that are on the verge of a break up, or maybe they would just like to be able to communicate better and create more intimacy.

They may be singles that are looking for a relationship and either end up with the wrong person every time or can’t find any one. They may be finding themselves in negative patterns that they would like to change in all aspects of their lives.

How Many of These Statements Are True For You?

I have been struggling to have a healthier life style forever, but nothing is working.
 I have tried so many different programs and routines so I can  have more health in my life, but I can’t seem to keep motivated and stick with it. I hate parts of myself and am always criticizing myself. I don’t know how to make the changes that I want to have for myself. I think I will always feel this badly about who I am and my life.”

I keep ending up in the same unhealthy situations with people. I can’t seem to figure out why I keep attracting these painful relationships into my life. What am I doing wrong?”

I feel depressed and anxious. I just can’t seem to just be happy. I just don’t know why I feel this way.”

I feel deep fear and phobias in certain situations. I Just can’t seem to talk myself out of the fear.”

My partner and I really love each other, but can’t seem to stop fighting. We have tried different techniques of communication and we still seem to push each others’ buttons. How do we begin to understand each other so that we can be more harmonious?”

I really want to meet a partner or make friends but I can’t seem to meet people. I wonder if I am even meant to be in a relationship. I never meet anyone the stays around or that I like. I am beginning to give up hope.”

I really want different things for my life but I just can’t seem to move forward to actually getting what I want.”

I know what I want in life but I keep seeming to sabotage myself and can’t make it work.”

Clients are likely to be successful working with me if…

You are committed to your personal growth, are ready for big changes and are willing to do what it takes to get the life you want to have.

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with and the issues I help them resolve. Please go to “How it works” to find out more information.

Cinthia Dennis

Master NLP Practitioner
MA Human Development