How it Works

What is it like to change your life with Neuro Re-patterning ?

People that have made a commitment to themselves and have worked with me in order to get everything that they want in life, have seen amazing results in a very short amount of time.

I work with people to not only find solutions to their problems and limitations but to re-train the brain so that the change is effortless. Unlike traditional therapy that might take years to see results, my clients leave each session feeling closer to their ultimate desire. They begin to realize that it is easy to have exactly what they want quickly and with ease.

Expected Results

When clients are committed to their happiness, they work with me on a program basis that is tailored to their specific needs and outcomes and are packaged at a valued discount from individual sessions. Because everyone is unique in their desires and challenges it is difficult to generalize how many sessions that someone will need to shift an issue. However, I am confident in saying that I help my clients achieve noticeable and significant shifts in their life in a year of working with in their program.

The three stages of change work:


During this phase of the work we are focusing on clearing past limiting beliefs, re-patterning the neurology and shifting into new more positive supporting beliefs about self and the world. In this phase a client will see me more frequently, usually once a month, as we begin to loosen the past and open up to new possibilities.


After most of the limiting past beliefs have been re-solved. There becomes available a transformed idea of what IS possible, now. This begins the next phase of the work. With this new found openness, the client is now ready to fine tune their education and efficacy for their new life. In this phase the client will see me less frequently; approximately every other month.


In this phase, incredible transformations will begin to show up and be extremely noticeable in the client’s life. It will be as if the past way of being almost feels like a distant dream. Clients in this phase will mostly be on their way and only need to see me to tie up any lose ends here and there while they are fully stepping into their purpose of who they were truly meant to be.

What value would you need to see in your life in order for it to be worth while for you to make a commitment to yourself and your dreams month after month?

When you work with me, you can expect to see remarkable changes in your life and relationships, both with yourself and with others.

You can have everything that you want

You will notice that the patterns that use to keep you stuck no longer effect you; giving way to vast, unexplored possibilities. You might find yourself in healthy, loving relationships or achieving things for yourself that were out of your reach in the past.

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Cinthia Dennis

Master NLP Practitioner
MA Human Development