Focus on What You Want, Not How to Get It

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why don’t I have what I want even though I work really hard to get it?” OK, this is simple, or is it? Our conscious mind might be working really hard, but it is the visionary of your life, not the worker bee. The subconscious is in charge of actually going out and getting what we want in life.

The subconscious always attracts what it concludes and it only has the capacity to make conclusions based on what we tell it to do. It does not make any decisions on its own it only concludes what is true based on what we tell it on a daily basis, and yet, it is a powerful ingredient to actually getting and having what we want in life. Sometimes it feels like it is always giving us what we DON’T want, however that is only because we are telling it the wrong things…

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Cinthia Dennis

Master NLP Practitioner
MA Human Development