Family Constellations

Some issues seem to resist all efforts at change

Clients usually do a constellation for a major block or issue that seems immune to all their efforts to change it.

So, to explain a constellation just a little, all people carry with them an energetic field or blueprint of their biological families–this field has been called by some a family soul, or family conscience. That field has an enormous unconscious effect on each family members life and all the people they interact with. Long standing problems with health, depression, relationships, failed finances, etc. are usually a result of unconscious ‘entanglements’ in the family soul. Doing a constellation is a way to bring those entanglements to light, and to allow for some resolution to happen. Quite often after a constellation, other members of the family who were not present for the constellation–and didn’t even know it was happening–report dramatic shifts as a result. Because the family is a system–like an energetic mobile, what affects one, affects all. And what keeps one stuck, affects them all.

Often we work in a blind format, where the representatives being set up do not know who or what they are representing. The family dynamics and unconscious entanglements begin to show up quite clearly as a general rule. Then these unconscious dynamics and entanglements can be brought to light and acknowledged. After this acknowledgement it is sometimes possible to allow for a healing resolution to come about, allowing the client to be free of the block or limitation.

It is not uncommon for the people volunteering to be representatives, or watching the constellation to also receive shifts and insights into their own family systems as well.

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Cinthia Dennis

Master NLP Practitioner
MA Human Development