I went to Cinthia for a rapport building workshop she puts on once a month. The workshop was very informative so I decided to go back to her one more time. Participating in the workshop for a second time gave me tools to interact and communicate better with those around me. Then, I did a one on one session with her and she helped me deal with some fears at work. She gave me tools to use, such as anchoring, to get into a safe space when I needed to go there. It has been very interesting work and I do look forward to seeing what else I discover about myself as she supports me through my journey. Over all I enjoy her compassion toward humanity, her awesome spirit and her energy. If you’re looking to build stronger relationships with people around you I recommend coming to Cinthia’s rapport workshop. However, if you need something that goes in deeper, Cinthia is the person to coach you right through what ever it is you’re dealing with.”

– Liz in San Francisco

Cinthia is a gifted and talented guide, using NLP as a tool to take you to the true root of your current life obstacle.  She is a compassionate practitioner and is passionate about her work, and it shows.  I have had 4 or 5 sessions with her in the past 5 months and each 2 hour session seemed complete in its self, while still building on the previous session.  During this time period, I have been motivated to take some big and exciting leaps in my life and I think I can attribute these actions to the work I did with Cinthia.  Highly recommend!”

-Gaylene in Marin

“I kept finding myself in the same love relationships. I really wanted to find someone who wanted to get married and have a family, but I kept attracting men who weren’t available and couldn’t commit. After working with Cinthia I started to be able to stop getting into the same situations and actually found the man of my dreams. We are getting married next month. I highly recommend this work. Nothing else that I had tried ever got me results like this.”

-Judy Campbell; client

Cinthia Dennis

Master NLP Practitioner
MA Human Development