About Cinthia


My life and career has had an amazing and natural progression. After       receiving my Masters in Early Childhood Education and Human     Development, I began to teach Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten. After teaching for some time, I began to understand how healthy happy  childhood experiences were able to effect the future happiness of my  students as adults. Most importantly, I became very  aware of how  negative experiences were beginning to be coded in these young children’s brains and turning into belief systems that were effecting their self images and future ability to learn.

I began to study NLP in order to better understand how I could help the future adult lives of my young students. After 10 years in the child development field and receiving my Masters in NLP, I began to focus more on helping adults shift their beliefs and identity so that they could finally have the lives that they truly want and deserve.

I have had over 12 years of NLP experience of helping people overcome many different kinds of stuck situations and have had the pleasure of witnessing huge changes in my clients’ lives.


Cinthia Dennis

Master NLP Practitioner
MA Human Development